Estate Planning With Flexibility

Whether you need an estate plan or help with probate/estate administration, attorney Mary L. Symons has the experience and knowledge to protect your interests.

California Estate Planning And Administration

Estate Planning Focuses On The Long Term

When you are creating a will, a trust or other estate planning documents, you may have to think not only in terms of months and years, but also in terms of generations. It is crucial to plan with flexibility and to get the details right.

Attorney Mary L. Symons helps people create plans that will protect their assets, provide for their loved ones and preserve a legacy for many years. With more than 30 years of experience practicing estate planning, estate administration and tax law, she has the skills and knowledge to create plans that can withstand any legal and financial challenges.

Your Experienced Guide Through Probate, Estate And Trust Administration

In the difficult time after a loved one has passed, you may find yourself tasked with probating or administering the estate. Executors, administrators and trustees can benefit from legal counsel in performing their duties. Ms. Symons can provide the assistance you need to get through the process and address any conflicts or disputes that arise.

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